How to set a default value for a dropdown in a form?

How do I set a default value for a dynamic dropdown in UiPath forms?

I have an array or list of values say, A, B, C but I want the default value to be something say, G. How to achieve this?

Note: I already have the dynamic list login built, I just need help with setting the default value part.

here you might find something:
Activities - Dynamic Dropdowns (

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I’m not sure what’s going wrong with my code.

I have passed the list as an in/out argument and then the string that goes as the default value as an in argument but, the control only shows a blank value and does not display any value from my list.

Please advise.

@atomic @pikorpa

you can set default value if you will add the custom default value:

here you can find code: (3.4 KB)


I tried replicating the sample workflow given in your previous response and now the dropdown displays all the array values twice :confused:

I’ve got no clue what’s wrong.

I will check your new sample workflow and get back. Thank you!

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