How to set the default value of a DropDown List in Forms. And some bugs in dropdown List

I am using Forms v1.1.8.
The Property Name in dropdown is the input parameter whichi is a List objects.
How can I set the default value for the DropDown List ?

1、using widget ChoicesJS. Change the the items in the dropdownlists for many times, the items will disappear except the select one.
2、there is always a blank value in the dropdownlist which can not remove.

3、if using widget html5. the formsOuputData doesn’t have the value of dropitem I have chosen.

Dude, there is an option in the forms default value in that u can give

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Chethan P

it only works if the options are hard coding. It the options are reading from runtime. it can work.

Yes its work Check these below link
Hello @Vajrang can you please help this.

This video does not talk about the dropdownlist in Forms.

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Hi did you get any solution?

Hi, same problem, somebody get some solutions?