How to seperate PDF page or split if text is detected?

Here , I have loop though PDF pages and added a condition that if a text is detected on that page do something , how do we split and separated that page that contains the text ? For example in the screenshot below if the result is true then get that pdf page and save but only that page. Thanks

I don’t think you can tell which page the text is in based on the text output from “Read PDF With OCR”

Some workarounds that I can think of:

A. Split the PDF into pages first using “Extract PDF Page Range” activity. Then read PDF text page by page. Delete those pages that don’t meet your requirement.

B. Find some indicators within the text output that can indicates which pages the text is in (e.g. page X of X). Then extract the PDF pages accordingly.

C. May also try “Document Understanding” module if you can access that, although I don’t think it will be better than approaches A/B

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can you provide the sample pdf @Jelrey

@Jelrey - As i mentioned In your previous post, pdf splitter will only split the page when itit is a match …(index+1).tostring. here Index variable comes from For each loop output…

Please check the previously shared code, i have tested both the cases and everything is working fine.

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@Jelrey - I would suggest, please wait until you have tried and made sure everything is working and then close this thread.

Done bro

Means, working now?? i.e issue is solved??

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