How to send outlook mail with config file when 2 excel match or meet the criteria

Hallo guys, im new in UIPath or RPA things i just know this last week & i have a question

Sorry im new user cant post more than 1 image and wrong file pic no 2 its not full :smiling_face_with_tear:

  1. How to mail to email in database when it meet the criteria, in this case when
    the student grade less than 60% (percentage) (pic 1 & 2)


  1. Or only the student name like this, send mail to the student in this list to the mail in database (pic 3 & 2)

And use the template body mail (excel config file in pic 4) i found this on youtube tutorial

Thank you for your answer! :smiley:

Hi @zul0997.
Can you share excel sheets

@raja.arslankhan I just be a Basic user :grin: , this is the file
tes config.xlsx (9.1 KB)
tes database.xlsx (10.1 KB)

Hello @zul0997 ,

I will suggest you to go through the Foundation Course available in the academy there you will get to know how to deal with the things in RPA UiPath.


i have taken basic course about uipath rpa, btw thanks ill take this course, but i need to figure out my problem asap :smiling_face_with_tear:

  1. First read excel 1 as dt1 and excel 2 as dt2

  2. Use filter dt activity and filter dt1 to be above 60%

  3. Use a for each dt activity, dt1 as the input then use filter dt2 using the same activity in step2 this time match it the student code.

  4. if there is a result send the required email.

The above is abit slow however it is a easier approach since you are new to uipath.
The other method would be linq or merge the table and filter them.

@microice how to match dt2 “studentCode” and filtered dt1 “studentCode”?

how to fix this, it says eror like this when i use bracket

Edit Step 3: use for each dt activity, dt1 as the input. Then use Lookup datatable in the input datatable put: dt2 then in the lookup value use row.item(“studentCode”)
step 4: check if value is returned
step 5: send the email.

you need to use “()” to avoid the error.

Do also go through the beginner lessons its free and gives great insights.

@microice i know what you mean but im struggle with the syntax in IF Condition.
Lookup DT.xaml (13.8 KB)
are this all correct?
if lookuo


for beginner lessons you mention is that uipath foundation course? or do you have any link to learn this?

thanks for coming back