How to add multiple images in outlook email body?

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I have a list of screenshots of the location path. I want to insert each and every image one by one in the outlook email body.

How can we do this?

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try this to build html:

You’ll have to use “Load Image” to get the img variable then convert to base64


html = ""
for each filepath in screenshots_folder:

html+String.Format("<p>{0}<br><img src=""data:image/png;base64, {1}"" width=""1280"" height=""720""><br><hr></p>", {path.GetFileName(filepath), img.Scale(1).Base64})


Hi please watch this video it will show how to add images in outlook body.

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Hi @Vrushali_Gave

Is the issue got resolved?


@prasath_S @nameless Yes, It is solved. Thank you for your response.

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Happy to hear ,mark the solution if it helps. thanks…