How to send emails from Outlook 365 with Two-factor authentication?

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One question, I have a bot that has been sending emails from Outlook, but now they have activated Two-factor authentication (mobile) and the bot obviously doesn’t work.

I have been reading how this case could be solved and apparently you have to use activities that integrate the outlook 365 platform with UiPath. I saw that you have to configure certain accesses from the Microsoft administration platform.

I attach some reference images from a youtube video. The video only deals with the integration, I don’t know if it works for double authentication.

I would like to know if there have been cases like this

Thank you very much in advance!


Yes you are on right path…create an app for your graph api access and then use those credentials to work with office 365 app

Check this for more details


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I have two doubts:


For email accounts with double authentication, only “Authentication Type = InteractiveToken” works for me but ApplicationIdAndSecret" doesn’t work for me, is it the same for everyone?


I can’t install the office365 2.0.1 package, I have UiPath version 2022.12


  1. No it is not like that…we use secret…did you give application scope?
    …app secret does not work with delegated permissions it needs application permissions in your azure app

  2. Can you try adding this package feed to manage packages and check


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Thank you very much @Anil_G , excellent info!

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