How to send Email with attachment of Latest Downloaded File


I want to Send a downloaded Excel sheet as attachment - Problem is The file name changes with each download. How do i send email with an attachment which is downloaded latest in a folder…

After downloading your excel, can’t you just move your excel to a new folder ?
With this you dl your excel, you send it as an attachment then you move it to a folder “Excel already sent” with this you should be able to only keep in your download folder the non sent excel. Or you could even delete the excel if he was sent.

Dear ,

thanks for the response

Problem is every time the file name changes - It downloads into same file…

when it downloads it be download as below example

example. abc10:30 AM
abc10:35 AM

All are excel files here…

any solution?

How many excel file do you dl with your robot ?

only 1 at a time…

It would be in Downloads folder…

then if you only have this excel in your Download folder, you search for him
by using a wildcard in your path like so : “C:/User/yourName/Downloads/*.xlsx”

It will then take the only excel file in the folder.


for some reason its not working


This is the path where it gets downloaded

i tried both with .xls and .xlsx


below Path


in this case, i do not advise it, but you can still use the select file activity to manually search for your file

Dear Still doesnt works some reason

used " " also the the same extension you have provided

C:\users\Aqib\Downloads\*.xslx or use the manual way like i said, but the asterisk is indeed working for me.


Still no luck

can you please create a template send me working xaml file?

Before i sent you a template, just to be sure, is it the robot that dl the excel file ?


Then store the name in a variable. Otherwise here is a code to find your file:

Main.xaml (8.1 KB)

With that you get the complete path for the excel file in your Downloads folder