How to send body using GET method of HTTP Request activity


After getting token from API, I log in successfully and then I am trying to send a GET Request to some URL, and I keep receiving the result “Bad Request”,“status”:400,“detail”:"Required request body is missing: public org.springframework.http.ResponseEntity.

And no matter how I format the Body in it, nor what BodyFormat I choose (“application/json”, just like required by API), it keeps saying the body is missing, because it is required by this specific request.
When I try the same request in Postman it is successfull, and when the body is wrong the result at least tells me where is my error (line, character), so I am starting to think that with UiPath the body is not sent at all and I can’t find why.

Any idea, please ?

UiPath sending body as a string. So firstly I think you have to check content of variable. Vales should contains double quotes “” like this
““test”” : ““qwqeqw””,
"“test2"” : ““wqwq””

Yes my body value is a string and I tried different formats including the one you just said.
Currently it is “{”+Environment.NewLine+""“key1"”: ““value1"”,”+Environment.NewLine+""“key2"”: ““value2"””+Environment.NewLine+"}", and still, my body is said to be missing

Hi @JB_S newlines are not needed

Agree that newlines are not needed but I sent http request with new lines and it’s doesn’t matter.

Same I tried first without newlines and didn’t work either :frowning: