How to send a mail through UIPath while using SMTP,Outlook and send exchange mail mesage?

Hi Team,

using TakeScreenshot and SaveImage control i am taking a screenshot and saving in my local drive like “D:\UIPathScreen\Sample.jpg”.

now i want take that image from that location and i want to send a mail to the respective person ?

any one question out of this 3 [SMTP,Outlook and send exchange mail message] which is more use full for sending a mail to the person.

I would use Outlook as the first port of call when sending/receiving emails via UiPath. if you are sending from your main email account you don’t even have to put anything in the account name of the send outlook mail activity

Hi @Djh

please find the attachment of image files i have worked ?

shows error message : “Send SMTP Mail Message : A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond”

can you try first with Send Outlook Mail Message, as it required less config

Hi @Djh,

i used that also coming different error message as unable to cast COM object.

see the below image file for error ?

Hmm, I’m not too sure with this one, this page suggests its to do with downgrading the outlook software:

but that wouldnt account for the issue with SMTP mail too…

@ovi @Dominic any ideas?


  1. SMTP the former one had a connection port issue. It should be 587 - if we are using TLS and 465 - in case of SSL.
  2. Outlook - we need to add the account details as well if I am not wrong.



Dom :slight_smile:

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I think in the newest version, if left blank it should just pick up the outlook account being used by the logged in user account. i could be wrong though…


I wasn’t aware about this update. Thanks :slight_smile:

Fine will wait for an update.

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yeah its working without an account set:

@Djh, that’s great :slight_smile: Thank you.

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Hi @Dominic

i am using smtp

error message :
Send SMTP Mail Message : AuthenticationInvalidCredentials: 5.7.8 Username and Password not accepted. Learn more at
5.7.8 m3sm7825345itg.3 - gsmtp

@RaviDevaraj, Two things you need to check,

  1. Confirm that you have entered the right credentials
  2. If you have configured your account for two - step verification then you need to provide the password [one time] that you have generated.


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Hi @Dominic
i am using Smtp Mail control to send a mail

in Secure connection :there are several options are: Auto, None, SsIOnconnect, StarTIs, StarTIswhen Available 5 options which one i need to use ?

then SSL and TLS you are saying in properties not available

in port : we need to give this no 587 or 465

how can i know that i need to give the portal no has 587/465

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Hi @ovi @Dominic

no, Till now is so confusing this email sending option
i have tried several topic as like similar in UI Path forum and i cannot able find the solution for this

can you please help out ?

Thanks and regards

@RaviDevaraj, Have you tried this one ?

Send smtp mail not working

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Hi @Dominic,

i have tried that too ?

showing an error message to me .
please find the error message screen shot tooo

@RaviDevaraj, Have you checked this ? Try with port 587 and enter your credentials.

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hi @Dominic

i tried using port :587

i am getting error message