How to send 3 emails at different date and time from same bot

Hi , in this automation , bot has to send 1st email at 11:30pm then 2nd email at 5:30am morning and then3rd email at 6am .
subject will be diffrenet but body line will be same
to the same email address

How to achive this …
Can we use single bot and multi bot to achive this
Please let me know its urgent…thanks


Add the logic to send email in single process/bot.

Schedule the bot 3 times as per requirement.

When bot will execute it will check for the current time and send the required email.

No need of multiple bots

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One automation shouel be enough…

That can be acheduled at required time

Now coming to the subject different…add it as an input argument to the first xaml …so that as per scheduled time when you schedule you can add default input value so that depending on time of run the subject would change…later if you need more can add more times and different subjects as well


HI Can you send me some example , How I can do it…?

Hi , Please share any workflow or video to refer ?


Create workflow like this. I have created case on Hour basis to avoid exact minute comparison. You can modify as per your requirement.


Sample Workflow:
Email Schedule.xaml (6.7 KB)

Create triggers like this:

  1. 11.30 PM

  1. 5.30 AM

  1. 6 AM

So finally you will have 3 triggers like this.

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Add the input argument liek this in main.xaml…then once you publish from orchetsrator these are visible


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thanks Ashok…but for 11:00 pm and 6 am timing its fine ,but when I put 5:30 am its not taking as it takes on integer number on switch activity expression./…any thoughts on that


Ok, Let’s change the Switch case type to String.


Updated code:
Email Schedule.xaml (7.5 KB)

Ashok :slight_smile:

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