Create alert in bot

in outlook i have my account so in my inbox i got mail form peson like enquiry of product so i have to do these
i have to make 2 excel sheet like one is active sheet and another is backup sheet
i have to do that in excel file make a colume like

id,date,time,10 minutes reminder,20 minutes reminder,30 minutes reminder.

so in that colume bot will write mail of which person, when mail is deliver, time of mail, 10 minutes reminder, 20 minutes reminder, 30 minutes reminder

bot will send mail to these person like "provide some more detail about product "

after 10 minutes bot will check the mail they got the reply mail or required detail mail from person
if not than bot will send the reminder after 10 minutes
and after 10 minutes not get than remind 20 minutes alert
so i have to remind after 20 minutes reminder
and 30 minutes reminder

but person will send the mail without reminder than it will add to backup sheet

but it will not send than send the reminder of 10 minutes ,20 minutes ,30 minutes

Hi @purnima_mandan

Schedule the bot to run every 10 minutes

and then use get emails to get the emails and get the time at which the emails are received if the time difference between the initial sent email (which you can get by get emails with subject on sent emails) is greater than 10 20 and 30 do the task else if received before do the other task you need

for calculating the difference use DateDiff(DateInterval.Minutes,Date1,Date2) this will give the difference in minutes for the given dates


please can you do in your studio
because i can’t understand your logic

Hi @purnima_mandan

So the logic explain above is summarized here. Please check it

BlankProcess5 - Copy (5).zip (3.7 KB)


EmailFlow.xaml: This activity requires an Outlook Account Card.

it will give error like above


Try this. And this is just a prototype you have to build it for your exact purpose

BlankProcess5 - Copy (5).zip (3.9 KB)


can you able to explain the above Process what are you doing in that process
and condition ?

Hi @purnima_mandan

So I explained the same in the previous comments and gave you the xaml after that

but again for you

  1. Get emails from Inbox
  2. Get emails from sent items with required subject only
  3. Check the difference between the sent time and the received time

Hope this helps