How to select the range till last row of the adjacent column

Hi i am trying to fill a particular value in a column all cells will have the same value ,
I am having issue with filling the data in all cells of the column
After writing the value in the First cell , How to drag it to the end row .
I have used control +d , but this has problem as the table is having dynamic range and if the table is having one row of data then its dragging the column header through ctrl + d activity

Here i have to drag in column A till the last row which is same as column B

Hi @Mukherjee_Manish

Please try this,

  1. Drag and drop Use Excel File activity and give the excel file path.

  1. Use Find First/Last Data Row activity and give sheet name , which column to find last row and save the last row int a variable as below,

Table1 - my sheet name change it according to your need
quantity - my column name change to your B column name

  1. use fill range activity and give the expression as below,
Excel.Sheet("Yoursheetname").Range(string.Format("A2:A{0}",Saved.Values(of Int32)("Last row index from Find First/Last Data Row").ToString))


Replace Test with the text you want to fill in the excel.


Perfect it work for me , but i see an option configure last row as , i am unable to see that in my version

@Mukherjee_Manish Try update the excel package to the latest version, and also mark my answer as solution so in future someone search the similar query it might be useful for them.