Drag and fill the text in a row to the last row studiox

Hi there,

How to use excel to drag a text to the last row?

Excel.Sheet(“Yoursheetname”).Range(string.Format(“A2:A{0}”,Saved.Values(of Int32)(“Last row index from Find First/Last Data Row”).ToString))

I tried above syntax using fill range but i insert my range as B7:B{0}. It pops an error the range does not exist.

Can advise please.


HI @mark_rajkumar1

You dont need the end range address if you are using Modern Excel Activities
give like this


Above will automatically fill upto last row

If this not works

  • First read your range and store them in a datatable
  • Then use Fill Range activity

Hope this Helps!


@Sudharsan_Ka i tried both the method its not working. Can advise other methods?

@Sudharsan_Ka i use click activity by putting the cursor in the bottom edge of the cell

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