How to select specific RDP session

I am attempting to create an automation which will patch multiple desktops at once, therefore multiple RDP connections will be open on the server at the same time. I am having issues getting UiPath to select say chrome on the specific remote desktop I want. I am using the RDP extension to allow selectors over RDP. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your time!

Hi @zackattack0517

Since you have already mentioned that you are using an extension, to select Chrome on a specific remote desktop, you can try to use the Attach Window activity in UiPath, which allows you to attach to a specific window and perform actions on it. Based on the output of this activity, you will be able to switch between the instances as well.

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Attach window is not able to be used in the modern design experience right? Not a problem but just want to make sure because I will have to redo a lot of the process if it is not.


Take a backup copy of the process before making any changes that you are unsure. It will be easy to roll back to the initial stage as a fail-over plan.

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Hi @zackattack0517 ,

You can use Use Browser/application activity and in properties make open as never. And clear the url as it is not required. This acts like a attach window.

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