How to select range of excel output, whose rows and columns are dynamic on weekly output

I have Excel Output, whose rows and columns are dynamic on weekly execution.
How to select the range ??
Select Range and Get Selected Range Activity can only pass static value.
please help.
Demo2.xlsx (9.0 KB)


You can use Read Range activity to read the excel and create a output variable

Now you can use Assign activity and create a variable as below

RowIndex = DatatableVariable.Rows.Count

Now you can pass this RowIndex to the Range activity

as A+RowIndex

Hope this will help you


Above solution selects only last row in A column but i need to select the entire table, which is dynamic on every output.

Not sure of your specific need, but if you use “read range” starting at a1 it’ll get all of your data no matter how many rows and columns.

Would read range with a datatable output work for your scenario?


Could you pls refer the below thread it would help you get the cell reference for the last column value so that you can select the whole range dynamically. Thanks.