How to select multiple column from a datatable

Hi All,

I have a data table where I have multiple columns.
I have to select some column from the data table and insert into a new data table.
I am using Invoke Code Activity and added code but it is giving me object reference is not set to be an instance of an object.

Dim abc As New DataTable()
in_DataRow = (From p In in_ExcelData.AsEnumerable() Select abc.LoadDataRow(New Object() {p.Field(Of String)(“UserID”)}, False)).ToList

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You can use the FilterDataTable Activity
In output columns Tab : specify columns you want to keep or remove
Save the Result to new Datatable



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Directly use Filter Data Table activity after getting the main data table.

select “output column” option

Then enter the names of column you wan to keep select remove option if u want to remove the columns

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Thanks for the feedback but i can not use Filter Data table Activity.
I want to do this with invoke code activity where i can write code.
Also, i have two data table and i used join with on both of the table and then i have to select some field from both table.

Hi @Ritesh123,
It may helps you.
yourdatatable.defaultview.totable(false, “Col 1 name” , “Col 2 name”)
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Likith Rajesh.


Good morning Ritesh,

The simplest solution would most likely be using the “Join Data Tables” activity in combination with @likith_rajesh’s solution above.