How to select/check all the items in webpage dynamically



I am trying to select all the items dynamically i am not getting actually sometimes there are 3 or 5 or more than 10 items
How to select items dynamically, I will appreciate if anyone help me out

Is that your are selecting all at one time
If not fisrt compare the selectors for first and second and replace it with * where it is dynamic
Or can you explain more about it


Please use for each ui element activity and indicate the check box field

It would get all in the loop and can use click or check box activity inside the loop to check


I tried using check activity it is not selecting all the items the main challenge is some of the check boxes are graded out

Yes i’m selecting all at one time and also some of the check boxes are graded out if any check box was graded out bot will skip it & go for next check box


If its greyed out then manually also it cannot select

Is the bot failing on the greyed out one?

if so use a click activity instead


Bot needs to select all the check boxes if any checkbox was greyed out it will go the next item here it is not going to the next item


Try using click activity instead of checkbox then it would go to next button