How to select All files using hot key in Folder

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Please tell me how I can select all files in a folder using hot key . I want to open the folder and I am able to open the folder using activity. only when I send hot key in designed sequence that is “CTRL+A” then it is not selecting all files in a folder. Please help me on this sine using hot key i am not able to select all files.

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Can you try with ctrl + E


Hi @varun_shinde1

Once after getting to the folder
Use a CLICK ACTIVITY and click on that window then use use SEND HOT KEY activity with key as ctrl+a

I hope that would work

Hi @varun_shinde1

Before using send Hotkey activity.

Use click or Click image activity

Indicate on the screen, after that use Sen Hotkey activity CTRL+A

Try this expression to get all the files inside the folder

Directory.GetDirectories(Environment.CurrentDirectory+"\Input\", "*",SearchOption.AllDirectories).Tostring


Lower case “a” would work @varun_shinde1

There are two ways to handle this

In send hot key activity you can see a property called clickbeforetyping
Enable that and give a try with same command because you are right with the keyword


Use a click activity and indicate on that folder window any where you want a and then include that send hot key activity with key as ctrl+a

Use small a instead of A

Cheers @varun_shinde1

thanks you so much. this worked

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