How to search for a keyword in google result page

hi @balupad14 , first of all thank you, but here you put some string manually in the array, but i have a keyword list in excel that i have to loop through to search one by one.

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Hi @ArafatRakib1,
Now I have changed the code as your changes.

File : Array (7.7 KB)



thanks a lot, needed some edit. i have done it by myself.

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Hey Sunitha_Bist, I’m working on a simmilar project. I have the same issue you had. How did you fix it?

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Hello ddpadil, thank you for the file you shared in this post. It is a great template for the project I am working on. I’m having the same issue as Sunitha_Bist. I already found your other post about tweaking the selector. I’m still having some issues. I have two questions:

  1. Do you have any packages installed in UIpath that could influence the working of the selector used to convert the searchresults into string?
  2. Is Chrome the best browser for this job. In this thread I read that IE might work better. What is your view on this?
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