How to get SEO titles from google search results in correct form

I tried scrapping SEO titles with website URL from google search result for particular keyword but the result i got was like this can anyone tell how to correct this??

Preview of data is Correct like below

Hi @Sandeep

Here You are facing above issues may be because of following reasons:

  • Firstly check your system have Microsoft language package for japanese language if it is not there then install it from Microsoft Updates.
  • Second Alternative If you will still face any problem then just install excel addon which supports UTF-8.

But Microsoft Office is already supports many languages. Let me know if any issues will be there.

Here i am attaching a code. you can modify it if you feels but i don’t thinks so that you have to change something.

In this I am reading Keywords From an Excel File Name- keyword_read. so with workflow place it should be there. (37.2 KB)

After Running workflow it will read keywords and search it and paste 20 results into a Result_1.xlsx and so on(Depends on keywords count will generate result files).

In case of any issues, let me know :slight_smile:

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Thanx aksh1yadav for posting the solution will try it and let you know
Best Regards

It worked awwsm you have really good skills !! really appreciate for taking your time out for solving the problem !! Iwant to know what is keyword+ “[k(enter)]” in text value and how does it work.
Best Regards


It will fire enter after type into that keyword so you won’t need to press like on search button. it will type into that search box and hit enter.


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Thanx @aksh1yadav for explaining it, your workflow works perfectly !!