How to handle search result

Hi Team
I have application in that application i am searching a candidate name using type into and enter key some time i am not getting candidate name in application which i type in search box ,now how can i handle this situation

Do you have any search button available? Or pass some delay after pressing enter key

i am doing like this

how can i check if my candidate name is not found in application and have handle same and get next candidate name from excel to search

can anyboday help me on that

Hello @Sandhya_Gajare
Try this, pass the enter key in the type into. and make sure simulation type as diabled

not woking that

tell if i am fail to search candidate in application then how can i do that plz

@Sandhya_Gajare check app state activity can be used to check the candidates name element present on screen.if yes, continues your process in target appears block.on target doesn’t appear.add the comment as candidate not found

how can i do can you share example plz


Either use modern click activity which has an option to checkif click is successful or not by checking for another ui elwmwnt which would come after click or type into…may be you can check for the candidate name if its loaded…add the click activity or type into in a retry scope so it would try again if the activity faila to go to next screen

The same can be doen by combination of check app state and retry scope as well


@Sandhya_Gajare , Can you share the Application screenshot where you need to search? It help us to provide better solution for you

here in search candidate field


Is the search button clickable?
Try click activity.

Verify the specific candidate name in application portal manually whether it is present or not

doing same man but yes i dont find then how can i check for that

Did you try this?


Hi Sandhya,
Check how the system responds when a candidate is not found. Some applications will give message box saying candidate not found or some application will update label saying candidate not found… based on that we can handle this scenario.
Say your application is updating a label saying candidate not found. capture that label in UiPath.

After clicking search
1.check if that label exists or not by using “element exists” activity .
—if exists means candidate not found. Now use “Get Text” activity to get its text and check if text contains candidate not found string in it. if yes candidate is not found put a log message and move on to next candidate
—if not exists then candidate is found and you can proceed with you existing flow

Kindly let me know if you need more clarification

Thanks & Regards
Ponganesh S K

Thanks For help i will check is this working in my code

It will work in modern UiPath i am using classic mode