How to Scroll SAP Line items

Hi I am facing an Scrolling issue in SAP

I need to enter 20 line items in SAP please find the attached screenshot

Bot can able to enter up to 10 items after that i gave scroll but it is not working

Can anyone suggest me the best way!
how to scroll down after entering 10 line items such that bot will enter remaining line items also

I will appreciate your support
Thanks in advance

Hello @rsr.chandu
Try to use Send Hot hey activity to Scroll down by passing Page down key in it.

I tried But it is not working as expected

Try to use scroll activity in modern actvities

If you are using classic, enable the modern activity from the filter of activities

HI @rsr.chandu

I would use SAP Table Cell Scope activity.


It means we will do a job for you, find always the first empty row and enter the data.

Best regards, Lev

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