How to scrape google search data with data scraping and save it into excel file


Can we scrape data from google search. in UiPath Data scraping. because when I am trying to scrape data from google search it can not work but when I am scraping data from websites like flipkart, amazon etc. It will work.
Please Help


if you use datascraping on the highlighted elements, it will generate a table of links.


@Tiberiu_Niculescu I am using data scraping on google search result for software compnies in pune or any other sentence. following picture gives you idea about what I am trying to do exctly.

from that page I want to scrape Compnay Names, Numbers and reviews and store it into excel file.
But it not work. Please help me for doing that


you could try creating 3 different datatables and then merging them together.


@Tiberiu_Niculescu I am new to this will you please help me how to do this


well, first you’ll scrape the names of the companies:

which will result in a data table.

then, you’ll scrape the numbers which will, again, result in a data table. do the same for reviews. now you have three data tables. one with names, one with numbers and one with the reviews. now, merge them using ‘merge data table’ activity.


@Tiberiu_Niculescu Can I change there variables of data tables to use it in merge data table activity. for giving them source data table names


i have found an easier solution.

scrape the names, then click on Extract correlated data, and select the telephone numbers, then, click on extract correlated data again, and select the reviews. finally click finish.


@Tiberiu_Niculescu I am all ready doing that but it will not store scraped data into excel file using write CSV activity. It will genrate blank excel sheet.


@swapnali1 Do you want scrap all pages or only one page


test.xaml (9.6 KB)

see the following attachment


@indra All pages. I am doing that using clicking on next button. When we click on finish it will ask us do you want to manipulate other pages if we click on yes then it will gives us pointer using that pointer I will scrape next page.


@Tiberiu_Niculescu its not working. it was also not store details in excel file.
Please look my file and tell me where is the problem.
Main.xaml (9.2 KB)


Can anyone help me please. its urgent…???