How to scrape data from this page uipath?

Hi, I am newbie to RPA,

I want to capture data from this page. I used get Text activity to capture data from the page and write cell activity into an excel.

I could not capture two company experience details with get text activity because class names are common in two experience section. Bot is getting stopped when one experience detail presented in the page.

Please help me. I do appreciate if found solutions to scrape data from this website.

Name, email, phone number, experience 1 and 2 company name, job title and experience date in an excel single row.



Use Get ocr text acivity to scrape the data in the webpage

We use OCR get activity for scanned document, pdfs and camera images right. It is a website in where i need to capture data.

HI @Gowthaman_Gajakutti

Can you try with get attribute activity once

Hope this helps

Hi @Gowthaman_Gajakutti ,
here it is correct to use get Text activity,
Besides, there are also many ways to get text from web page,
But I think here you have not edited the properties of getText
attribute and selector

Let edit they to get correct with all


Using get ocr text to extract data from website also.

use the “Get Text” activity with anchor base techniques to ensure accurate extraction.Make the selector Strict and disable image and fuzzy.

Or You can use Get full text activity to scrape the data from the website

As you said, i have used get attribute activity to capture experience details.

  1. get attribute activity to get the class “contact-linked-in-data-section-content”
    If the class is equal, we get title, data and experience date.

I am able to get first experience details. How to get second experience details when parentclass and child classes are same?

Please look at this image.