How to scrape a website structured data with open it in background

Dear Experts,
I am working on a use case to build an attended automation. the use case is as below.

  • I need to create an form interface or similar with some input fields, parameters, check boxes etc.
  • Also I need to have some buttons in it.
  • user will feed with the selection and parameters, and will press the respective button to call the respective workflow.
  • and after the workflow finished execution the user should get the output result back in the same interface window.
  • the workflow should execute in background e.g if I am scraping the data from a website the website should not appear to the user. it should open in the background and the extracted DataTable should reflect as a result back in the same window where user pressed the invoke button.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Hi there @PrasantaLenka

Are you planning on making the website ‘hidden’ not available/visible to the user at all?

Only the text fields where the details and the button click should trigger the process? Is that what you intend on doing?

Hi @Raghavendraprasad,
Thank you so much for your time.

  • Yes I want to open the website in background that means if user is trying to get some information from a website the process should happen in the background. and the user should not see the opening of the website.



Try the latest UiAutomation package where open browser has a ‘hidden’ property through which you can do Simulate clicks and extract the data (simulate again) so that the user will not see the web browser open and do all these operations… Although I surmise that the user might see at-least a browser icon that was triggered which cant be helped in attended automation.


If you decide to do it unattended, then you can run the process (using trigger) in a new virtual machine which will return the results to the user (if it runs successfully) but I haven’t tried it in real time and it is very theoretical from my side (and implementation might become tedious as real time user is involved)

There you go, these are the options I think I can come up with :slight_smile:


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Thank you so much @Raghavendraprasad.
Additionally could you please suggest for the below concern.

  • in create form activity when the submit button is pressed the form screen is being disappeared. How to prevent it being disappeared?
  • In Create form activity I am able to assign the value of a variable to a text field. Similarly how can I be able to assign the value of a DataTable into it?

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Well @PrasantaLenka

Data-table has many values in it so it should be references using row-column indexing.


Also what do you mean in the following, I didn’t understand the rationale behind the form being still visible…

Hi @Raghavendraprasad,
I have created a form using Create Form Activity. Here I have some input fields and submit button. Once the submit button is clicked. the from is closing. But I want to prevent the closing of this form upon the pressing of submit button.

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