How to run web automation with out opening browser?

Hi, I’m doing an web automation. used simulate type/click methods and get text and used ‘hidden’ option in ‘open browser’ activity. Even then tool opening the browser. Cannot we do the entire operations with out opening the browser ?

I dont think it will be possbile to do with out opening at least once…
Either it could be “Opening Browser” or “Start Process”


it is not possible to do web automation without a browser. the reason is because most of the (contemporary) webpages are generated on the fly when opened inside a browser via javascript and styling scripts.

regarding the “hidden” part which is not working, could you advise what browser are you using (ie / chrome)?

Use “Hidden” in IE.
You’ll need to use only background automation (SimulateType or WindowMessages) for all the UI actions.


Hi @badita, Can we get activities such as “Get Text” / “Extract Structured Data” work in background automation?

GetText should work in the background.
Extract Structured Data… not so sure. Would need to test (for both single and multi-page extraction to see if next link click doesn’t break it). Unless someone already knows …?:slight_smile:

Hi all.

I’m using Open Browser activity but it still showing the browser in foreground.
I have active Hidden and Private option (because i need an incognito browser). My BrowserType is Chrome. If someone could help me i’ll be thankful.