How to Schedule job to run every 70 minutes

Is it possible to schedule a job every 70 min?
i couldn’t find a way with orchestrator trigger settings.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @McFlyte

Have you tried using cron expressions?

This website is great to help you generate them


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cron runs jobs are time-based, not interval-based

Depending on the precission /elasticity you may can define multiple cron jobs and decomposed the every 70 mins on that

  1. Run every 10 minutes
  2. Save the execution time to the text in the project
  3. Immediately after the start of execution, the time in 2. is compared with the current time, and if timespan is less than 65 minutes, the process ends.

Hey @McFlyte

Running every 70 minutes I might be tricky but maybe a trigger based upon a similar Cron expression in the advanced tab will assist.

Check out the below video @ 4:05

Hi @McFlyte

You can only set it until maximal every 60 minutes. But every 70 minutes is not possible in one trigger.
You need to add one trigger for each run.
This means, you create the first trigger for example: on 12:00 AM and then a new trigger for 01:10 AM, and then a new trigger for 02:20 AM, trigger for 03:30 AM, trigger for 4:40 AM etc.

For any another scheduling you can watch this video to learn how to do it: UiPath | Cron Expression | Advanced Trigger in UiPath | Einfach erklärt! - YouTube

You can also use the online editor to calculate the trigger:

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