How to run everymonth First and Everymonth Last bot in Orchestrator

Hi all,

I have one requirement. I need to run my process weekdays sometimes everyfirst month in date and last month also i need to run my bot. for example, i need to run every first month 01/08/2020

Hi @Buvaneshwaran_R

Can you elaborate your requirements?

Can you help me understand what you mean by this? Maybe orchestrator cron expression with schedules (triggers) might help?

Hi @Raghavendraprasad Thanks for ping me message for me. Actually my requirement is i need to run that bot in weekdays only and everyfirst of month and last of month it means 1 and 31 now that is the problem sometimes 1 and 31 it will be come weekend days that time what i will do.


You can create two schedules (triggers) with the same process where in one schedule it specified all working days/weekdays and in another it specifies 1st and last day of the month in a cron expression.

Or you can handle the first and last day of the month in your code itself.

Hope this helps.

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Okay I will try and let you know.

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