How to Save TSV File into Excel File


What’s the best way to save a TSV file, which I can open in Notepad, to an Excel file? The Generate Data Table activity with ‘tab’ set as the column separator isn’t quite getting the job done.


Hi @aman.sharma,

Could you please attach this TSV file? It would help us to analyze this file type and add some comments.

I tried attaching the file, but I received an error message that says TSV is not an accepted file type I can attach.

Try to zip it first and upload the zip file. (1.0 KB)

Hi @aman.sharma,

Please watch it first:

What problem you are getting when you are using Table activity with ‘TAB’

Hi @aman.sharma,

It seems that you only have to change the file type from .tsv to .xls.

I used two Excel Application Scope activities because the first one is only responsible to output the Excel Workbook and later I am using this variable to get the first sheet name.

Please check the example below:
Main.xaml (7.3 KB)

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@amitdwivedi It wasn’t separating the columns correctly.
@acaciomelo Thank you, this works great.

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