How to save the extracted data from the PDF in to excel in a ROW wise?

Hi all, i’m new to this process i dont have any background of any programming or coding but i have very much intrest in learning UIpath so i have started learning it, but i have some issues in it, can anyone help with it??

Problem–I have taken a multiple pdf pages and i have sucessfully read it and saved in a excel file(A1,A2,A3…) but i want that to be saved in A1,B1,C1 and so on…, but i;m unabel to do it, can anyone help me

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  1. you can either transpose your datatable to convert rows to columns and perform write range

  2. you can keep alphabets (ABCD…) in an array and do for each char and do write cell for each row A1 B1 etc…

  3. a Macro

Hope it helps to start until someone suggests something better

Ok @vvaidya i will look into in

Thank you

how to transpose datatable in uipath?

How did u moved the extracted data into excel.Please explain with a example.