How to save spreadsheet which is downloaded from SAP

Hi Team,

I have exported data from SAP.I want to save this excel file in specific name. I am new to SAP Automation please anyone help me in this.


while exproting data form the excel it will ask for the path where it need to be saved

or you want to rename the excel file which is saved

  1. Use the “Excel Application Scope” Activity:
  • Drag an “Excel Application Scope” activity into your UiPath workflow.
  1. Specify Excel File Path:
  • Inside the Excel Application Scope, use the “Write Range” activity to write the SAP data into the Excel file.
  • Specify the Excel file path where you want to save the file. You can use a variable or provide the path directly.
  1. Set a Specific File Name:
  • If you want to set a specific name for the Excel file, you can use the “Invoke Method” activity to rename the file after saving


Thanks for your reply.It’s not asking any path for save.

After clicked the export to spreadsheet it opened the excel file only does not show any pop up window…

Check the settings option will be there before saving the excel.

Is there any path the excel file stored?

@copy_writes Thanks for your response.I will check and let u know.