How to save mail message with different names inside the same folder

I’m trying to save mail message from Outlook using save mail message activity. Every time when I run the bot I’m getting a single mail (from the list of all the filtered mail) as the only saved mail in the selected folder. My bot is overwriting the previously saved emails with the last one.
Is there is a way to save these emails with different names inside a folder? Or is there is a way to move already saved email to a folder having senders name and date as the name of the folder?

Thank you.

Can you try this?

@vvaidya thanks! I’m trying to save mail using Save mail attachment,(Not the attachments in the mail). I want item.Headers(“Date”) as the name of the saved mail. The above solution is for attachments not for the mail.

Hey @RishiVC1

Even you can use email message subject line with current date and time will be good to differentiate inside a same folder :slight_smile:

Check this thread and let me know :slight_smile: and please do not create a duplicate thread please…


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If i have to upload these mails into the web accordingly in the order of the folders they’re in, how can i achieve that???

Read the list of folders and then then for each folder read the files. For each file , upload them one by one.

I have one more problem my workflow is creating a mail folder for storing the mail for a particular sender. For eg. if thse sender is say Lokesh,R/US/EXT it is creating a folder Lokesh,R with subfolders US and again EXT and then only saving the mail message inside there. How can i avoid this and instead save the mail in the name folder itself??? Any suggestions?

Please try logging the path of the folder and then see if you there are any "" in the path apart from the ones that are required.