Saving outlook mail in separate folder in PC


I want to save an outlook mail message inside a separate folder(not outlook folder) in my desktop. Could anyone please help advise how to achieve same.


Hi Kapil,

Use save mail message activity.
In this activity you can see file path section, give the path where you want to save.

That’s all…


Hi Kapil,

1.For getting the outlook mails you can use “Get outlook mail messages
2. In “For Each” activity iterate the mail messages list.
3. Inorder to save the mail messages uniquely, you can take the subject of the mail by Assign Subject = item.Subject
4. For saving the mail messages use “Save Mail Message” activity
5. In that, mention Item in the mail message dialog and the file path where you want the mails to be stored in the file path dialog
ie… “C:\path\”+Subject+“.eml”

That’s it, Run the code. you can find the list of mails which has been retrived.

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Thanks Sravan and Uthraa! You saved me lot of research and time:)

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@Uthraa Hi I tried like u said but i am getting error.

“C:\Users\ravi\Desktop\mail"+item.Subject+”.eml" i even tried with .msg extension i am getting below error.

can u look into it

In the path you have mentioned “Desktop\mail”. Is mail is a separate folder name or you want keep that as a file name ?

@Uthraa mail is a separate folder

then the path should be “C:\Users\ravi\Desktop\mail\”+item.Subject+”.eml"

@Uthraa i used same thing only i am getting that error.

Add a snapshot and show me the error. Add snap of the error and the path. Thanks

@sravan_kumar1 i already posted snapshot of error and path above, please check it

It is working perfectly for me . Have a look at my code
saveMail.xaml (7.2 KB)

and refer the ouput

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@Uthraa I have used ur code i got below error.


Check my workflow once

saveMail.xaml (7.0 KB)

@Manjuts90 I wonder why it is not working for you ! The workflow works fine for me !
Give a look at the below code This might help you . Do let me know if you again face this problem.
Thank you.
saveMail.xaml (7.8 KB)

@Uthraa getting same error message like above