How to save excel file to pdf file?

Scenario: i need to save pdf file but of source excel file.

Steps to reproduce: read excel file and save to pdf

Current Behavior: any

Expected Behavior: pdf file saved

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version:

Last stable behavior:
Last stable version:
OS Version:
Others if Relevant: (workflow, logs, .net version, service pack, etc):

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You can replicate with using excel application scope by opening the relevant excel file
Then using hotkeys - File Save As - and change type to PDF.

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ok @TimK thank you for you suggestion, too i think same.

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You can try like this also
Convert Excel to word doc
Then word to PDF activity

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How to convert Excel to Word doc , If i need to install the any package in my Uistudio

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Thanks for the suggession.Could you please give me the indetail flow, it will be helpful for me.

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Hi can you explain the element to be used in the Sequence Container for saving an excel report to PDF.

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With your workbook you want to convert open it in excel (Excel Application Scope):

  • Then Send Hotkey - Alt + F

  • Then Send Hotkey - Alt + A

    • (This brings up the Save As Window)
  • Simply Type in the full filepath into the File name box.

  • Select Save as type as ‘PDF’

  • Then Send Hotkey - Enter

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@TimK or anyone - Hello, I’m stuck trying to follow your example above, as below. I can do the first three steps but I do not see a File name box. Where should it be? And where do I go to save as ‘PDF’

•Then Send Hotkey - Alt + F
•Then Send Hotkey - Alt + A
◦(This brings up the Save As Window)
•Simply Type in the full filepath into the File name box.
•Select Save as type as ‘PDF’
•Then Send Hotkey - Enter

Thank you for your help

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@mworth123 - the key presses are the same as when you open excel and click save as - (this brings up the save as window)

At the bottom there is a field called File Name - this is where you type into your full file path.

Then under neath that there is a Save as Type drop down selection field .

Hope that helps.

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@TimK - Thank you, where is the File Name box? Is it in UI Path or somewhere else? I’ve been using this program for just two months and I’m not a programmer. I didn’t expect you to reply given that your last reply on this thread was five years ago so I am trying this but it is erroring out on the Type Into activity

Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?
Thanks again

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What you have looks correct however, remove the quotation marks from strAWB.
The file name field is what is in excel what you have already :slight_smile:

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@TimK - Thank you, I did that and it’s still erroring out on
I get a red box around it and the message is Click 'Tab Item Print" Faulted.
Also, I keep seeing a webpage appear that says InPrivate. I don’t know how Im getting that screen. I didn’t want it. How do I resolve these issues? I’ve attached the main if you need to see it Main.xaml (26.9 KB)

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Why are you clicking Print instead of Save As?

Does the webpage appear that says InPrivate when you do it ?

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@TimK - I’ve tried everything I can think of to get this working. I tried Save as and it didn’t work so now I’m trying to print and then save as PDF. I even tried using copy file and it worked great but all of the PDFs were corrupted. How do I stop that InPrivate from appearing?