How to save each worksheet dynamic in an exe application?


I am new to UiPath Studio and I am currently a intern at a local company. And I need help as I need to get my task done by latest today. Is there anyway to save each excel sheets from a drop down list dynamically using loop, etc in an .exe application?



Hi @phoenix123,

You have to use Find children activity, for this, selector should be from UI explorer, open UI explorer indicate on any of the dropdown value from where you are getting values and when you get the selector your selector should be looking like below with tag as LI

So if you see towards the visual tree now you have a tag call UL,as mentioned in the below screenshot


Copy the selector for UL and paste in the selector property of Find children activity.

Use for each and use get attribute activity and use aaname as attribute and the result of Get attribute will be the dropdown values.

Once you have the dropdown values you can save the excel sheets with those names.

Refer the below workflow for reference.

Testing.xaml (7.0 KB)

Refer the below workflow for reference for renaming excel sheet name

Thanks @anil5 ! I will work on it now and thanks for your reply!

@anil5 what if my application is an drop down list is an combo box?

Please provide more details with screenshots

if I click the drop down list after I click load excel icon, it will display different sheet name and save it for UiPath is there any way to work rather than manual work?


This is the UiSelector that I have point to the drop down list.

*role=‘push button’


Let the bot only perform the select drop down and click operations

@anil5 U mean the click activity and select item activity, right?

Yes select the item from dropdown first and then click on load excel

@anil5 Is there any way to make an array like check this particular excel file as there are 3 sheets in one excel file?

So when you use Excel application scope, the output of this is a workbook.

Using this workbook you can get the sheet names and the count of the sheets

workbook.GetSheets.Count.ToString - Will give the count

Workbook.GetSheets will give the sheet names

@anil5 Ok thanks trying now.