Any idea to save excel files but many sheet files in an external application?


I am new to UiPath Studio and I am currently a intern at a local company. And I need help as I need to get my task done by latest tomorrow. Is there anyway to save dynamically e.g. excel files but one excel files have many sheets e.g. Sheet 1, Sheet 2, etc from a drop down list in an external application? I have searched most of the topic is talking about web page and excel application but just couldn’t find any solution on external application.


First I just want to give some advice:

If you were my intern I would be happy if you simply asked my advice. I would want you to show what you’ve attempted and could tell me why pieces of it worked and why pieces of it didn’t work. I wouldn’t necessarily expect you to get something 100% automated all on your own. The key is that you tried and can learn from your mistakes.

Communication is another very important aspect. I’d much rather have a junior developer ask me 10000 questions instead of developing on their own with 0 questions and then delivering a sub-par product requiring complete re-work.

NOW, onto the answering of the actual question.
I’m struggling to understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve. It is very do-able to save excel and dynamically change the number of sheets. What exactly do you mean with the ‘…from a drop down list in an external application’ portion? Does the dropdown contain a number and that number corresponds to the amount of sheets? Screenshots may be helpful (only do this if your company allows though) - please do not share any confidential or personally identifying information

Hi @phoenix123

Is there any possible to share the screenshot of external application along with dropdown list.

@Dave yup the drop down list contains various number of sheet as for this you will see B******* 1-2, but if I click the drop down list there will be like B******* 3-4, 5-6 and so on. Something like the normal drop down list like our salutation Mr, Mrs and so on. Attached picture is the application is an windows form application not website and the dropdown list is an combo box.