How to run uipath robot even in system locked using orchestrator?

Hi Everyone,
We Developed a citrix based Automation project using uipath and configured with orchestrator,deployed in virtual server.

We are connecting vitrual sever using another system for user interface,its working fine when system is unlocked using orchestrator, but it is not working when we lock the system which is giving user interface to the virtual server and rising below error

.(we checked in forum about this issue some told that use background automation techniques and windows task launcher) but im unable to use these techniques bcoz in my automation most of the activities using clipping regions and get ocr text activities.
Is their any way to run the uipath robot even in system locked using orchestrator?

Thanks in advance.


Are you using any licensing model.

If yes, please provide which type of license.

any solutions?

Seems like only paid version can do it, community version cannot.

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hello anil5,
Sorry for the late replay,
We are using Unattended bot

Unattended bot should be having the feature to work in system locked condition.

Please contact sales team

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Thanks @anil5