How to Run SSIS Package Via UiPath

Hi All,

Due to a requirement I want to automate execution of SSIS package through UiPath.

Any pointers on how I can do that. Any reference material etc ?


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I am also looking for same details… Let me know if you get any solution

I’m also looking for the same.Please let me know if there is any way to do it.

I also need this information

Hi Angelia,

Im also looking for same …I have SSIS package and need to run using UiPath…can you plz share me if you have any solution for this…

Thanks in advance

I, too, am looking for the solution to this question.

This would be a good marketplace component for someone to build… :slight_smile:

Here are some alternatives…

You can use .NET code to trigger the package directly:

You can create a Powershell script to run it and invoke the Powershell script from UiPath:

You can run the dtexec from cmd window and invoke the cmd window from UiPath: