How to run SQL procedure using activity Execute non query


Im trying to run SQL procedure using Execute non query activity. All the time i’m receiving same error message that “SQL procedure couldn’t be found”. I dont know why its like that
I already made a connection with the database, and it’s succesfully connected. The problem is that maybe i’m using ‘JOIN’ in my query and it cannot be executed ? Im not sure

In the ‘Execute non query’ activity i just change the type on ‘StoredProcedure’ and in the field i just wrote “ProcedureName”

Thanks in advance for your ideas

Good morning Mateusz,

Do the solutions in the following post help at all?

Hi unfortuantely it did not help me with my problem. Please see attached screenshot. Now it’s giving me empty dataTable as a final result, and i’m not passing any arguments as it was in your example.

Do you have an idea ?