How to run multiple urls in single session

I have attached multiple urls. each url is taking new session of browser.
Let it take next tab(beside to first URL)
I have checked off “new session”

Instead of open browser activity for every URL, use attach browser activity @KarthikBallary , so it will open the second tab in already opened browser

Does that help @KarthikBallary,

Will check after sometime and let u know

No your suggestion not working

And one more issue.
when the url hits the browser, if the same url is alrdy present in browser the operations will be done here instead of new hit url. How to resolve this


Attach browser is something where we have chance to operate more on the already opened tab. I missed it

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Use Open browser to open the browser
  2. send hot key CTRL + T to open new tab and
  3. Use Type into activity to open the required second url


It will work even the same URL is already opened…

In open browser we have to give url ryt?

Yes you want to give the first URL … or whatever you want (2.4 KB)

just download this file and run before that keep fb page open in tyour browser

@Lahiru.Fernando kindly have a look here


If you don’t want to use open browser activity, you can simply use attach browser and indicate the already opened browser and then try sending hot key.

I have to use open browser it must start new session.

Yes, if you use open browser, it will open new . But if you use attach browser, it will use the existing.

Even if you use open browser, the cookies will be used in the new session as well.

Let the existing browser be, it is for other purpose nothing do with my code. when it hit the browser(new) operations must be done in new only.
I have used open browser>attach browser>operations…still same issue

Still the operations are performing in old browser tab?

make sure you are doing all the operations within the attach browser only and you are indicating the new browser in attach browser activity

No No No!!!
Everyone have taken it in a wrong way
run the code once don’t close the tab when the code ends.
run the code, it will hit the new url and operations will continuein old url.
my requirement is it has to continue in same url not old one
Hope now it is clear

Do this in attach window and remaining all within open browser and out of attach window. Then it will do the need

Hello @KarthikBallary
Ofcourse it going to open a new browser as you are using a Open Browser Activity
You can use Get Process Activity to check if Internet Explorer is open or not and than do the necessary work
Check this workflow for better understanding.
FacebookQuery.xaml (31.7 KB)

@KarthikBallary Check the Zip file (3.7 KB)

pls send zip file