How to run a vbscript in background

Hi Team,
I have created a vbscript to automatically click on the outlook popup while sending email via UiPath.
I am trying to use Start Process activity with script path but it opens cmd on running the robot.
I just want to run the script in background without cmd. Kindly help.

Did you try to run the vbs file directly instead of command prompt?

I think I used open application activity where I can pass the parameters as well.I used to mark the email as “unread”.

Yes. If i just right-click and open the vbscript (manually). It will run in background without opening cmd window.

I think some parameters are required in start process as well to run it in background.

Try Open application unless you think it will hinder your whole process.

I am trying to invoke VBS using ProcessStartInfo from invokecode. trying to see if someone has ideas to run the command prompt of cscript.exe in background