How to run a process on click of a button and pass custom parameters?

Requirement :
To create an app with a UI which will contain a Button and On the click of button I want to create a rule which will trigger a process with the values populated on UI as parameters to the process.

Problem :
I am seeing Event trigger as disabled in the process in Orchestartor.
I have also made the process which will accept the input parameters.
I tried to use Value Binding from the fields but only the process is visible not the fields.
While clicking on Input Override, I am able to see the process but not the fields and when I navigate to the process again after clicking on + icon, the parameters are visible but not able to add the data.

I need urgent help with this.


Welcome to the community

Please check this…

It is a step by step guide


Thank you! Have you ever passed a document as an argument? I am able to send text but facing error while sending a pdf document.


You need to place the document in storage bucket and provide the link to the document I believe

Can you please try the same


Okay. Can’t we use File Upload functionality? Like we use the document upload button and then allow users to upload or drag a file on run time and then send it as arguments in the process?


Yes we can


Can you help me with that? Like what should be parameter type in App and Studio? I am facing issues with that. Getting errors related to typecasting.

I am using pdf document.

Thank you :slight_smile: