How to right click each file of a folder and select an option

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I want to perform a right click option on each file of a particular folder, i have opened the folder but how to indicate every file and perform right click.

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you get all the files in a List variable and process each file using some UiPath activities (e.g. Move File, Copy File) or even programming, instead of dealing with the UI
but if your situation is required, you can try

  1. click on the 1st file
  2. use a Send Hotkey activity (Shift + F10) to simulate the right-click
  3. perform some action
  4. use a Send Hotkey activity (Arrow Down) to go to the next file
  5. repeat 2 to 4
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Hi @Divya_Gomathy,

For Right clicking each file in a folder use Assign -Directory.GetFiles(“YourFolderPath”****)
Use Assign -Filecount=0
use for Loop - to get each file in a folder
Inside loop Use Click Activity _ make sure that mouse type as Btn_Right and make it as Selector dynamic.
Use Assign Filcount=Filecount+1

Check below Workflow for references

Main.xaml (17.2 KB)

Hope this helps,If it works marks as solution.



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