How to retrieve processed items by a specific Job

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I’m working with UiPath Cloud Orchestrator API and I wanted to know if there is any way to retrieve the specific items that have been processed by an specific job.

I’ve the Id job’s that I want consult, I just wonder if there is any way to take this information from anywhere.

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This is kinda useful, let’s see if someone could help us

@ClaytonM do you have experience with API Querys?

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@lolorz90 I have very little experience with Orchestrator API and using Postman, but you can find info in these resources that will help.

and searching on the forums:

You would want to retrieve the Queue Items from the description you gave in your question.


Unfortunately, Jobs don’t hold that kind of information.
If your workflow logs data about Queue items it processes, then you could probably parse logs for a particular Job and extract that information.

To get logs for a Job, you can use the endpoint GET /odata/RobotLogs and add a filter on JobKey (which can be retrieved via GET /odata/Jobs). For example: GET /odata/RobotLogs?$filter=JobKey eq abc123-abc123-abc123.

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