How To Retrieve outlook Mail(NOT GMAIL) Using IMAP

Hello Everyone,
I want to retrieve mail from outlook using google chrome. I found a lot of article in the forum regarding gmail but I want to retrieve mail from Microsoft outlook using chrome. How can I do it??

Hi @arghade,
Outlook is a kind of mail aggregator not a mail box. So you can use IMAP to collect e-mails from the mail account/provider not from a program.

Hello @Pablito, yes I am using IMAP to retrive mail but I am getting this error.I attaching the screenshot.

Firstly I would check if the imap server adress is correct. Then please check the port. Default IMAP port which is used by many providers is “993”. Here I see you have “995”. And at last check if your provider requires SSL connection. Some providers want to use SSL so you should change your SecureConnection attribute for Get IMAP Mail Messages activity.