How to read outlook emails with subject which contains single quotes?

Hello! I have the following email subject: ‘Request for remote work’ was approved. So, in this subject I have single quotes. I wand to read only outlook emails which have this subject.

“[Subject]=…”. It generates a mistake if write the following: “[Subject]=‘Request for remote work’ was approved”. I suppose it is because of single quotes inside double quotes. Can you say how I can avoid this mistake?

Hi @Mili_1108

You can check a string using contains

For Example

yourString = “Request for remote work”

yourString.contains(“Request for remote work”) put this in IF condition

If your suggest has that string then it will be true


I can use IF after then I got the messages from Outlook and after I read them. But how read only those messages which have this topic I do not understand. I mean how to use IF before I read messages? What to write in Filter of “Get Oultook Mail Message” activity ?