How to retrieve headers of a dataRow element

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I am using the activity called For Each Row in order to iterate a table. As far as I understood, the output of this activity is a DataRow element. My question is how can I know in a loop the name or header of each column that DataRow has?

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Using for each activity you can achieve this one
Try below code… implement in uipath as same

foreach (DataColumn c in dr.Table.Columns)  //loop through the columns. 

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Hi, Tks for your answer. I did not find the property called ColumnName. I attached what I did, but for variable headers, it does not have this property.

Hello @sergio85,

Try to set the For Each TypeArgument to “System.Data.DataColumn” .

  • TypeArgument - A drop-down list that enables you to choose what variable type you want to use with the activity.



Follow @Susana instructions, so that you can get the headers

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Thank you so much for your help. It worked very well. Thanks @arivu96 too. Greetings

Hi @arivu96 and @sergio85,

How can i get the same column names when “For each Row” activity?
I can’t use “For each” activity now.

Thank you in advance.