How to retrieve exception reason or exception details from Orchestrator QueueItem

I’m using the 2018.1 feature of Get Queue Items to return a list of transaction items from my Orchestrator queue. With this list, I’m trying to separate out all of the failed transactions by the various reasons it could fail, specified within the exception reason and exception details fields shown in the below picture.


How can I reference these fields? They aren’t part of the SpecificContent dictionary, and I’m not sure how else to reference it. I saw this link How to search Queue Item by the name via Orchestrator Web API? but that is using the API - is it possible to do it without the orchestrator API?


Yes on latest version you can now access processing exception as well directly from a queue item variable.
in this example is used GetQueueItems and just got the first one, but using a loop should not be a problem.




Do you know of a similar way of getting the “Progress” field from an abandoned or In Progress transaction? This is set during processing with the Set Transaction Progress activity.

It’d be helpful to be able to show where progress stopped in the transaction in an error report



When it comes from to In progress transactions, similarly since 2018.3 you can obtain it from the variable.

Note that you have limitation for postponing them regarding postponed transaction highlighted here by my pee @Mr_JDavey . I do believe this is the same when the status reached the abandoned status butyou can double check.


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so close! I’m on 2018.1 and it’s a pain to upgrade in my environment, so it looks like I won’t be able to use that feature :frowning: