How to restart the BOT from Orchestrator automatically when it stops suddenly

I have designed a BOT for my project . we are about to deploy the BOT into Orchestrator which runs 24/7 .

(Once a mail is triggered for every 30 seconds BOT performs the task . So we have implemented a logic for that and wanted to RUN 24/7)

So in that case we have few possible conditions for the BOT might stop
1)Disconnection between machine and Orchestrator
2)Machine might also get hanged
3)Machine restarts because of any scheduled windows patches /Windows updates .

In that such conditions how to handle our BOT and executions should not stop .
OR is there any way to get notification from Orchestrator

Please do the needful

Appreciate your kind help and support.


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Please try use scheduler in Orchestrator.
Lets say Robot will start every 10 min and stop after ten minute.
In this case if robot disconnect, next schedule task will run the robot

But for Bot takes around 10 min to 60 run to complete the execution depending upon the logic .

So in that case , if i am going to schedule the BOT for every 60 min .

For example BOT stops at 3 PM unfortunately then again as per schedule it will start the process after 1 hr i.e 4 pm .

since we are working in production environment and BOT has to make the Servers up .

We cannot wait for 1 hour .

Suppose if we are going to decrease the time less than 1 hr(i.e 30 min) . In fruitful case , one BOT started the execution it goes beyond 30 minutes As per schedule if BOT triggers again after 30 min it might over lap .

But robot wait for the next scheduled start. So if you start every 10 min (and stop after 10 min), robot with the next schedule will wait to start next run

Okay. I will try this and get back . Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello @Sailaja_Chikkam have you got the solution.