How to resolve one general automation run on all other native language applications?

Who did have any idea or solution to run one general automation on the same non_web applcation under all other native language? Thx.
This issue likes the below in academy course mentioned:
"The issue is that depending on the user’s location, the language in which the website is displayed changes. Therefore, you get error stating the “New Supplier” button cannot be found. "
But I think the answer couldn’t fix this issue. Could anyone give me a better solution so that I need NOT to create individual automation for every native language? I’ll appreciate your help. Thx a lot

It seems you could work in a change in the Business process to facilitate your automation.

What is the chance to set one standard language to all applications ? only to create the automation ?

Because to the end user, it does not matter in which language the automation is running, once they have the data and the automations resultas are fine to them.

I had experienced automations with multi applications and multi language, and the way to standardize languages helped a lot.

Hi, Thx for your reply. But my best desired result is that we could accurately identify one unique non_Web’s App UI element without any the English/translated names. So that our RPA developers could save a lot of time and working load.
Hope RPA’s developers to achieve this goal in the near future.

Best Regards